Telangana IT Minister Sends Letter to Telecom Minister

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Greeting the suggestion of TRAI that obligates each building plan to have a cable duct for broadband, K T Rama Rao, the IT Minister of Telangana, this week requested Manoj Sinha, the Union minister, to make this a rule to make sure that issues of last meter connectivity for broadband networks are solved.

In a letter written to Sinha, Rao claimed, “We are of the perceptive that the lately conducted Telecom Commission assembly has cleared the recommendation of TRAI that obligates each building aim to have a cable duct for broadband, and that a CC (completion certificate) to the building must only be provided if it has integrated such cable duct in the building.

Telangana IT Minister Sends Letter to Telecom Minister

“We firmly back this suggestion and request you to approve this to make it a rule of the land so that the issues of last meter connectivity are solved,” Rao claimed in his statement.

Rao, commonly named as KTR, also asked intervention of Sinha in directing the Ministry of Urban Development to provide analogous directive to all governments of state to apply and make broadband as a service, and make it as a fraction of conduct to give completion/clearance certificate to only those structures having cable duct for broadband in position.

“We anticipate that this categorization of broadband plays as a service and obligating duct in building will make the way for an exponential and unprecedented increase in penetration of broadband in our nation,” Rao further added.

He also claimed that the state has made the Telangana Fiber Grid Corporation Limited to construct a network of broadband reaching each government office, home, and institution. “In order to do this, we are working along with Mission Bhagiratha program of our state that links homes with connection of tap water,” he further claimed to the media in an interview.

T-Fiber (Telangana Fiber Grid) is envisaged to make a “state of the art” network infrastructure to make easy the realization of “Digital Telangana” objective by financially supporting on Mission Bhagiratha, a determined project of drinking water.

Well, let us see if the request of K T Rama Rao to turn the suggestion of TRAI into a rule will come true or not.

Tushar Imade