Sudha Murthy Engages Children With Treasured Mythology Stories

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The famous and successful female author-philanthropist, Sudha Murthy, launches her new children’s edition book that compiles 24 treasured mythological stories.

After her first series “The Serpent’s Revenge – collection of stories from Mahabharata”, she has launched her second sequence of mythology for children, “The Man from the Egg – collection of the unexplored characters.” This series discovers the unsaid human survival stories of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (Shiv).

Mrs. Murthy, the founder of Infosys focuses on children mainly to uplift their knowledge with a light twist of humor in language. According to her, the humor supports the reading interest in a child and makes them understand the stories. She explains that children in today’s world are mature to understand the difference between fact and imagination. The second series is a blend of both facts and simple yet comical language.

Her second version also focuses on mothers as many of them are known to the usual and regular chapters of Hindu mythology. The author adds, “These stories are not narrated to children properly, that is why their interest is reducing. You have to spend the time to make them read, and nobody has the patience.”

An avid reader of Hindu mythology, author, teacher, homemaker and social worker, Sudha Murthy is keen on engaging the children with the unknown legends of Indian mythology. She explores every mysterious character of mythology by reading and researching every version, be it in Hindi, Marathi or any other language. It’s been 50 years that the author-philanthropist is reading and exploring the various versions of the Hindu mythology. The procedure of reading helps her tap the great legends and launch the upcoming series for children.

Interestingly, her books are popular amongst children as they are less complex and with fascinating graphical cover page. In her books, there is minimum narration and praising about the god also, with exciting twist and turns in the stories.