Share These Images With Men On This International Men’s Day

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Yes, people, it is almost here again, the day for which all men around the globe would have been waiting for—International Men’s Day, that is, on November 19. So, all the ladies just getting going as surely you would want to make it up for the important men in your life, maybe it is your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, or a friend.

Basically, the motto behind celebrating this particular day is to focus on the health of the boys and men, promoting gender equality, highlighting positive male role models, and improving gender relations. It is an instance to emphasize discrimination against boys & men and to celebrate their contributions & achievements, particularly, for their contributions to the marriage, family, community, and childcare.

So, here are few images that you can either share or set up as your DP so express your gratitude toward the important male personalities in your life.










Happy International Men’s Day!!!

Rutuja Bhegade