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Microsoft Discovers A Remote Security Error In Chrome

Windows security team of Microsoft has found an isolated security error in Google Chrome that can be used by attackers. “Our detection of ‘CVE-2017-5121’ represents that it is likely to discover tenuously useable vulnerabilities in today’s browsers. Relative lack of

6000 Year Old Skull Identified As Oldest Known Tsunami Victim

A 6,000 year old skull section from the town of Aitape located at Papua New Guinea almost certainly belonged to the fatality of a tsunami – an enormous, distressing ocean wave. Several researchers have analyzed the geological residue from the

Unlocked iPhones Brought From Other Nations Will Include Warranty In India

Here comes another good news for the iPhone fans. The Cupertino-located major has now declared that it will be offering warranty in the country on its unlocked iPhones brought from outside the nation. This indicates that if you buy an

Increase In Tax Base Was Because Of Demonetization. Really?

Demonetization was the reason that led to a substantial flow of tax base India ever saw in past years, if we see the government’s past records. The government has disclosed its past data to prove their statement. In April to

World’s First Track-Less Train Begins Operating In China

The world’s first and the most innovative track-less train have begun the test which runs in China. The videos and pictures of the smart-trains first test which is running on the road are contrasting anything we have seen in the

Afghanistan Aims To Block Telegram And WhatsApp Messaging Services

Telecom regulator of Afghanistan this week wrote to Internet service suppliers instructing them to jam the messaging services Telegram and WhatsApp but it was not instantly apparent whether they had obeyed. Use of mobile instant messaging services and social media

Vodafone Provides 90 GB Data for Rs 399 to Prepaid Subscribers

Vodafone has launched a new plan of Rs 399 for its prepaid consumers. The Rs 399 plan of the 2nd largest telecom operator of the country provides unlimited STD and local calling as well as 90 GB data for a

Onboard Catering Manager Suspended Post Tejas Poisoning

At least around 27 passengers aboard the Mumbai-bound Tejas Express, which comes from Goa, were taken sick after eating the food that was served by the Railways’ catering unit, IRCTC, as stated by the Konkan Railway. An IRCTC representative and

Google’s Tez Grabs 67% Market Share In October

Entry of Google into the payment space of India has boosted up BHIM app, the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) platform. Tez, the UPI-based payment app, rolled out in September 2017 by Google, has covered 67% share of the market in

Uber Messes Up To Head Off Brazil Bill Amending Ride Software

Hundreds of drivers for Uber, the Internet supported ride-hailing company, drove through biggest cities of Brazil this week to object legislation that might turn them into normal taxi drivers subject to the similar taxation and local licensing regulations. Dara Khosrowshahi,