Onboard Catering Manager Suspended Post Tejas Poisoning

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At least around 27 passengers aboard the Mumbai-bound Tejas Express, which comes from Goa, were taken sick after eating the food that was served by the Railways’ catering unit, IRCTC, as stated by the Konkan Railway. An IRCTC representative and a catering administrator were taken under suspension after the episode was reported, as stated by the spokesperson. The area representative of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation in Madgaon and the on-the-train catering manager have been placed under deferment pending a fact-finding agency report and outcome of test for food samples, as stated by the railway spokesperson Anil Saxena. The passengers were taken towards Mumbai. After eating foodstuff served by the (IRCTC) on the Tejas Express, they protested and complained of discomfort, as stated by the Managing Director and the Konkan Railway Chairman Sanjay Gupta.

Onboard Catering Manager Suspended Post Tejas Poisoning

The Tejas Express was stopped at the station of Chiplun and all 27 passengers were directly admitted to the city’s Life Care Hospital. No one among the passenger was in severe condition, he said. The Tejas Express is one of the top trains from the Indian Railways division, which is connecting the city of Mumbai and Karmali in Goa. In the meantime, IRCTC has commanded a show-cause note to the caterer of the Tejas Express. In an official announcement, IRCTC guaranteed that firm action would be surely taken against the service provider, if found accountable. “A show-cause note has been given to the catering contractor and firm action is considered if found accountable,” reads the IRCTC declaration.

It further reported that the train started at 9 am in the morning from Karmali and 233 passengers were given breakfast on board. A cluster of seven passengers protested and complained of sickness and vomiting; and were attended to by onboard superintendent. In the intervening time, the two groups of passengers of around 16 people also complained of nausea feeling, as said in the declaration. A passenger on train who is a physician attended to the passengers. The train was given an out of course stop at the Chiplun station and passengers were immediately attended by the railway doctor. Ambulances were provided immediately and the passengers were immediately admitted to a local hospital.


Tushar Imade