Make Good Rangoli Designs By Using These Tips And Tricks This Diwali 2017

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This Diwali make beautiful rangoli designs on your doorstep by using simple tips and tricks.

  • In order to make a perfect circle, tie the chalk to the thread. Then by holding the free end of the thread with the index finger of the left hand, draw the circle using the right hand.
  • Make use of the sieve or the strainer for filling the colors in the rangoli as it is done fast.
  • In order to make the matrix of the dots, make use of the paper. Mark equidistant points on the paper and with the help of the agarbatti make holes at the points (make sure that the holes are of the same size).
  • Make outlines of your rangoli design by chalk for precision.

  • Mixing the colors with the plain white rangoli helps you to attain lighter shades.
  • Alongside the dark colors, use the light colors.
  • For making attractive color schemes always use opposite colors.
  • Make cones in order to fill the colors.
  • In order to make your rangoli designs more elegant and attractive, you can make spaces to place the diyas.
  • You can also make use of the flower petals such as rose, marigolds, etc. for giving that extra facet.
  • There are floating candles available in the market; you can place a bowl of water with some flower petals and candles in it and make rangoli design surrounding it.

  • If you are trying to make the rangoli with edible materials then spray some pesticides so that insects do not attack your rangoli.
  • To enhance your rangoli design, outline it with white rangoli.
  • Nowadays, there are stencils of rangolis available in the market. Or you can make your own with the help of the cardboard.
  • For making the rangolis permanent some of them make use of the glue, which is a very bad idea as it will spoil the rangoli.

So no waiting moreā€¦ try out the beautiful designs that you have in your mind and show your creative nature.

Poonam Bhosale