Lenovo Beats Samsung In Tablet Market In Quarter Two

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Lenovo pounded Samsung to grab the leading place in India in the tablet market with almost 21.8% share of the market in the quarter two of 2017. This data was given by a report last week to the media in an interview.

As per the report, the shipments of tablet marked a general development of 12.6%, mainly attributed by its vigorous development in the profitable sector. More than 80% of its shipments were boosted by particular commercial projects given to the education, government, as well as huge companies. “Digital projects all over the education and government segments are the main driving factors for the development of the commercial segment,” claimed Associate Market Analyst, Celso Gomes, to the media in an interview. The report monitors the calendar year as the economical year as well.

Samsung dropped down to the 2nd position but continued the volume for shipments for the last quarter with a share of market of almost 20.6%. The report claimed that a sum of 722,000 tablets from all the brands in the world was shipped in the same quarter in the country, marking a trivial development of 2.9% as compared to the last quarter, in spite of the vigorous growth in the profitable sector. This was contributed to the drop of 13.8% in the user segment, leading to a decline of 26.8% as compared to the previous year in the total shipments. The application of the GST (Goods and Service Tax) reserved the development of shipments of tablet in the user segment, the report further added.

“Doubt about the new tax structure rule limited the storing of inventory and in turn resulted to restricted sale in the country for the tablets,” claimed Gomes. Datawind grabbed in the 3rd place with a share for market of 18.2%, chased by iBall at 4th position with 15.2% share of market. With 49.6% growth as compared to previous quarter and 7.7% share of the market, Apple claimed the 5th position in the list.

Well, for now, let us see who will top the list and who will sink in the next round.

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