Infosys Is To Held Responsible For Glitches In GSTN

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Being for a long time the face of software industry of the India, Infosys finds its management of the information technology for GST as spine under inspection at the uppermost levels of the government. It was awarded with a deal of Rs 1,380 Crore for running and developing backend of GST in 2015. Strong disappointment was expressed by 3 top government functionaries with the over frequent glitches of the firm that have plagued the GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network), leading to expansion of cut-off dates for returns various times. “It has been an unsatisfactory experience,” claimed one of the administrators to the media in an interview. He further added that the software supplier is now anticipated to enhance service delivery.

Infosys Is To Held Responsible For Glitches In GSTN

Infosys declined the argument that its work had been considered not up to scratch. “The data you have got is totally inaccurate,” the firm claimed to the media in an email. On October 30, 2017, the government again postponed filing of GSTR-3 for July from November 10, 2017, to December 11, 2017 and GSTR-2 for July from October 31, 2017, to November 30, 2017. GSTR-2 for July was to be initially filed in August. What has annoyed some segments in the government is the time consumed by the firm to come up with solutions or answer to issues.

“Whilst the long-term issue we see is hammering a tradition of compliance for tax, the short-term issue is due to Infosys,” claimed the official to the media expressing aggravation with the jargon-laden reaction it typically got. Senior officials of finance ministry have been frequently communicating with the top brass of the company, both during the new indulgence under non-executive chairman Nandan Nilekani and the tenure of the former CEO Vishal Sikka, to assist find solutions quickly. In addition to this, there have been cases of offline utilities being rolled out only a day prior of the real date of filing or these not having all the components required.

Functioning of GSTN was one of the main problems marked at a meeting on September 9, 2017, in Hyderabad at the GST Council, resulting in the configuration of a GoM (group of ministers) under Sushil K Modi, Bihar finance minister.

Tushar Imade