Hospital Artificial Intelligence Market, 2023 – Market Shipments at $19 Billion in 2016 are Forecast to Reach $50 Billion

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Hospital Artificial Intelligence MarketThe “Hospital Artificial Intelligence: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide 2017 – 2023″ report from Market Research Store, Inc has been added to Research and Markets’ offering.

Hospital Artificial Intelligence Market Shipments at $19 Billion in 2016 are Forecast to Reach $50 Billion Dollars Worldwide by 2023

Hospital care management can leverage augmented intelligence. Artificial intelligence is useful for providing highly tailored insights about individual patients or to work across an entire population. Artificial intelligence is useful for helping providers effectively address healthcare delivery.

The intersection of healthcare and artificial intelligence represents a market opportunity. New strategies are being developed by companies to bring A.I. to healthcare. The business challenges around those efforts are being addressed collectively in partnerships and in forums to bring the technology into the market. Artificial intelligence has an impact on patients, doctors, hospitals, clinical facilities, and the healthcare industry overall.

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The ability of an intelligent system to learn from data without upfront human intervention brings significant change to the healthcare delivery system. It relies on the use of unsupervised and semi supervised machine learning techniques. Segmentation, dimensionality reduction, anomaly detection and pattern recognition are replacing supervised manual techniques for diagnosis and care delivery.

Major factors driving the market for artificial intelligence in hospitals include its ability to provide better diagnostic accuracy under a variety of testing conditions. The worldwide aging population creates demand for increased accuracy of early diagnosis. An increase in the number of people with end stage diabetes, cancer, and severe respiratory diseases creates need for advanced medical diagnostic capabilities that work earlier in the evolution of disease, creating the ability to implement therapies that are lifesaving.

Partners HealthCare and GE Healthcare are launching a 10-year partnership to bring artificial intelligence into every area of hospital operations. IBM brings Watson to the hospital AI landscape in hospitals. Progress is demonstrated by the health care AI launch to the Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Center for Clinical Data Science (Partners).

Multidisciplinary teams from Partners and GE Healthcare have worked to develop applications for AI in every step of the patient journey from the moment they are admitted to the hospital. Long-term, the goal is to develop applications that improve the way illnesses are diagnosed, change how treatment is developed, decrease unnecessary biopsies, streamline clinical workflows, and increase the amount of time clinicians spend with patients.

Key Topics:

Accurate Diagnosis
AI Anomaly Detection
AI Diagnostics
AI Dimensionality Reduction
AI Hospital Techniques
AI Pattern Recognition
AI Replaces Supervised Manual Techniques for Diagnosis and Care Delivery
AI Segmentation
AI Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Business Intelligence
EHR Systems Healthcare
EHR Vendor Implementation
Hospital Artificial Intelligence
Infrastructure Adoption
Machine Learning Healthcare
Supervised Machine Learning

Key Topics Covered:

1. Hospital Artificial Intelligence Market Description and Market Dynamics:
1.1 Hospital Care Management Leverages Artificial Intelligence
1.2 Ability of AI Solutions To Discover Schemas in Large Databases
1.3 Pharmaceutical Companies Using Computers to Help Them Find New Medications

2. Hospital Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 Hospital Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Driving Forces
2.2 Hospital Artificial Intelligence Market Shares:
2.3 Hospital Artificial Intelligence Market Forecasts:
2.3.1 Airplanes Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Land Themselves
2.4 Hospital Artificial Intelligence (AI) Installed Base and Market Penetration
2.5 Hospital Artificial Intelligence System Prices:
2.6 Hospital Artificial Intelligence Regional Segments:

3. Hospital Artificial Intelligence Products:
3.1 Partners HealthCare, IBM, and GE Healthcare
3.2 IBM Watson
3.2.1 IBM Genomic And Immunotherapy Supercomputing for Patient Management
3.2.2 Mayo Clinic and IBM Watson
3.3 Google’s AI Subsidiary DeepMind is Partnering With Another UK hospital
3.4 Prognos

4. Hospital Artificial Intelligence Research and Technology:
4.1 Tesla’s Elon Musk
4.2 Research at Google
4.3 IBM AI Research
4.3.1 Neural Representation of Sketch Drawings
4.4 Superstar Companies That Are Able To Leverage IT to Achieve Growth
4.4.1 Using Digital Technology To Create Market Disruption
4.5 Google and Nvidia Artificial Intelligence

5. Hospital Artificial Intelligence Companies
5.1 Alphabet / Google
5.1.1 Google Artificial Intelligence Subsidiary DeepMind Healthcare Initiative
5.2 Cerner
5.3 Epic
5.4 General Electric (GE)
5.4.1 General Electric Revenue by Segment
5.4.2 GE Healthcare and Massachusetts General Artificial Intelligence
5.5 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
5.5.1 GlaxoSmithKline Deal For Artificial Intelligence With Privately Owned Exscientia
5.6 IBM
5.6.1 IBM Watson Genomics by Quest Diagnostics
5.6.2 IBM Watson Healthcare Revenue
5.6.3 IBM Watson Solutions Software Healthcare Revenue
5.7 Meditech
5.8 Merck
5.9 Prognos
5.9.1 Coding Healthcare Datasets Full Of Unstructured Text
5.10 Quest Diagnostics
5.10.1 IBM Personalized Healthcare: Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics
5.10.2 Quest Diagnostics Revenue
5.11 Safeguard Scientifics Announces Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results
5.11.1 Safeguard Scientifics Prognos DxCloud
5.12 Zebra

6. Research Methodology

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