HDFC Bank Provides Virtual Accounts To PayZapp Users

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HDFC Bank will shortly begin providing digital savings credit cards, bank accounts, and instant loans to consumers of its PayZapp app. The bank also aims to enroll extra sellers for acceptance of electronic transactions to elevate its current network of 1.2 Million stores to 5 Million in 1.6 Years. PayZapp, which was rolled out 2 years back, has over 14 Million consumers. More than 540% of these are teen consumers who do not own a bank account. “We are hitching a lot of our plans by incorporating modifications into our own business activity that are taking place in the market.

“HDFC Bank is already a huge company in loan assets and cards. We will utilize our strengths for digital back-end in these businesses to convey more growth into PayZapp,” claimed group head for credit cards, marketing, and payments business, Parag Rao, to the media in an interview. As per Rao, PayZapp has the latent to turn out to be a franchise worth 50 Million users with ability to instantly offer loans and credit cards as well as open accounts.

HDFC Bank is already the leader in the market in credit cards with more than 1 Crore in flow. It presently subjects 2.5 Lakh fresh cards each month. The platform of PayZapp is anticipated to take this to 5 Lakh each month. The provided savings account will be a totally digital item and the credit cards will be virtual with an alternative to get the plastic variant. The immediate loans might be fueled by financial technology (fintech). “Fintech lending is the fresh kid on the edge, which has conveyed a separate approach of sourcing users for loans,” claimed Rao to the media.

On the seller acquirement side as well, the SmartHub app of the bank will play a main role in increasing acceptance to 5 Million sellers. The app allows sellers to obtain payments utilizing UPI, BharatQR, Aadhaar Pay, or e-wallet.

As per Rao, HDFC Bank plans to be a single-stop shop for solutions to agree to different types of e-payments. The bank will provide solutions of sellers acceptance for various form factors and will aim early users of e-payments.

Ankit Kadam