CEO Of Nvidia Views Fully Autonomous Cars Within 4 Years

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Jensen Huang, Chief executive of Nvidia Corp., this week claimed that artificial intelligence might allow completely automatic cars within 4 Years, but asked to tamp down hopes for rush in demand from crypto currency miners for its chips. Nvidia came to fame in the gaming sector for developing graphics processing chips, but in late years it has been extending into newer techs comprising artificial intelligence, high performance computing, and self driving cars. Its development has been richly awarded with a 170% stock rush over the last year, driving its value in the market to $116 Billion.

“It will take not more than over 4 Years to complete self-directed vehicles on the road. How long it takes for the huge bulk of vehicles on the street to turn out to be that, it actually just depends,” Huang claimed to the media in Taipei post a firm event. Global tech companies such as Facebook, Apple Inc., Amazon, Alphabet Inc., and China’s Huawei are investing heavily to offer and develop AI-fueled products and services in search of new drivers of growth. Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Apple, claimed previously this week that the company witnessed its mobile handsets as a huge platform in the future for AI.

“There are a lot of tasks in firms that can be turned into automatic. The efficiency of society will also increase comparatively,” claimed Huang of Nvidia. But Huang joined peers calming hopes of strong income development from a huge wave of interest in crypto currencies. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. this week anticipated that there will be some leveling off of the demand for crypto currency. “Income for us in crypto is more than $100 Million for each quarter. For us, it is a small share of the pie. It is clearly not an objective market,” Huang claimed.

Crypto currencies are digital currencies that employ encryption methods for safety and can be sold. Miners make use of computers to procedure this crypto currency payments, and they are awarded with extra crypto currency.

For now, Nvidia’s vision of seeing the world full of autonomous cars is the main topic that has been trending in the market.

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