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What Alexa and Echo Means to Amazon As Well As India

Each gadget around you has restrictions: restricted memory, restricted processing, restricted storage, and so on. What if you might develop something with unlimited memory and unlimited processing? Something that was free from these ordinary limitation. What would you develop? What

Origin Of Chip Designing in India

Sudhakar Palisetti, 47, in 2013 thought it might be a perfect time to commence business in India that might develop chips for the U.S. tech majors. The 2.5-decade old expert in the semiconductor segment witnessed that entrepreneurial interest of the

Millennials A Soft Target For Cyber Attackers

What does it take to remain secure on Internet in the era of ransomware and mass malware attacks? If you think it is awareness of how Internet operates, you must think one more time. Knowledge counts as much as awareness

Google Lens Supposedly Launching On Pixel XL And Pixel Smartphones

Google Lens, a facility that allows consumers study more about stuffs around them by just aiming the handset camera at substance, was first displayed at I/O 2017 developers’ meeting of Google. But the faculty made its entrance when the search

2018 May Be A Better Year For Indian IT

With the economy of the U.S. doing great, Indian IT firms can look forward to an improved year in 2018 owing to the rising demand from clients and tech investment, as per senior industry sources. Noting that the biggest market

India To Witness Deployment Of 5G By The End Of 2020: Sanjay Kaul

Recently, we had an interview with MD at Cisco Systems for India & SAARC, Sanjay Kaul. We had a discussion on the deployment of 5G tech in India, which as per Kaul will be done by the end of 2020.

Apple Unveils New Emojis For iPad And iPhone

Apple showcased new emojis earlier this year in July. These emojis were the same as accepted by Unicode Group as a fraction of Unicode 10. And now, the Cupertino-located tech major has lastly transported the new set of emojis to

HP Launches Spectre 13 in Asia Pacific

HP, the major in the world of technology, rolled out its device in the Indian market. Originally rolled out in the Cannes Film Festival, the company has rolled out HP Spectre 13 officially in the specific regions of Asia Pacific.

Facebook Employs AI Expert, Rolls Lab in Montreal

Facebook has employed Joelle Pineau, the artificial intelligence academic, to lead its fresh research lab in Montreal, the social media major claimed last week to the media in an interview. Artificial intelligence was once the exclusive segment of academic scientists.

Tablets to Record Feedback on Trains For Meals

Travelers on premium trains will shortly be capable of rating the food they eat on tablet as good, bad, or ugly below a proposal to be rolled out soon, a senior administrator claimed this week. They can record their review