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The Two Main Types of RF Power Dividers

An interest in electronics can take you far, from a weekend hobby soldering a circuit board together to an immersive profession in engineering. No matter your level of experience, you may come across RF power dividers as you work. These

The Ultimate 5-Step Guide To Take To Prepare For Your Digital Marketing Interview!

Digital marketing has become very popular, and its scope is increasing day by day. It has eventually enhanced the job opportunities in the digital marketing field. Employers have gained a strong understanding of what skills they need in the candidate.

What Not To Do While Accessing The Deep Web?

The internet you see and access via regular web browsers only forms about 5% of the total web. The rest 95% of the web is still inaccessible to most people. The websites on this part of the web are unindexed

Infosys Is To Held Responsible For Glitches In GSTN

Being for a long time the face of software industry of the India, Infosys finds its management of the information technology for GST as spine under inspection at the uppermost levels of the government. It was awarded with a deal

Pint-Size Cable Camera System Reaches Where Drones Cannot

Drones may certainly permit film producers to get great shots of tracking, but there are many circumstances in which it is just very risky, if not absolute illegal, to drive them. It was with this thought in mind that Wiral

Microsoft Discovers A Remote Security Error In Chrome

Windows security team of Microsoft has found an isolated security error in Google Chrome that can be used by attackers. “Our detection of ‘CVE-2017-5121’ represents that it is likely to discover tenuously useable vulnerabilities in today’s browsers. Relative lack of

World’s First Track-Less Train Begins Operating In China

The world’s first and the most innovative track-less train have begun the test which runs in China. The videos and pictures of the smart-trains first test which is running on the road are contrasting anything we have seen in the

Afghanistan Aims To Block Telegram And WhatsApp Messaging Services

Telecom regulator of Afghanistan this week wrote to Internet service suppliers instructing them to jam the messaging services Telegram and WhatsApp but it was not instantly apparent whether they had obeyed. Use of mobile instant messaging services and social media

Google’s Tez Grabs 67% Market Share In October

Entry of Google into the payment space of India has boosted up BHIM app, the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) platform. Tez, the UPI-based payment app, rolled out in September 2017 by Google, has covered 67% share of the market in

Solar-Compatible Power Bank Can Substitute A Generator

The fight to carry sufficient portable energy around with us has turned out to be a huge pain point in last few years, as lifestyles turn out to be more and more mobile. Jackery, the portable battery company, is taking