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Marine Scientist Discover New Predatory Behavior

When we talk about feeding time sea slugs are considered as the pirates of the marine world – attacking victim that have just ate in order to steal their target’s feast, based on the current research. The scientists of the

Females Are More Prone To Have Eating Disorders

Irregular eating habits cause illnesses; they are termed as eating disorders. Eating disorders can have individuals eating foods in an inadequate proportion which can be in excess amount or in lower amounts. The common eating disorder forms are bulimia nervosa,

Researchers engineer CRISPR to edit single RNA letters in human cells

The Broad Institute and the scientist of MIT who first tied up together with CRISPR for mammalian genome suppression and it have engineered a latest molecular structure for proficiently cutting RNA in individual cells. RNA editing, which can modify RNA

6000 Year Old Skull Identified As Oldest Known Tsunami Victim

A 6,000 year old skull section from the town of Aitape located at Papua New Guinea almost certainly belonged to the fatality of a tsunami – an enormous, distressing ocean wave. Several researchers have analyzed the geological residue from the