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Make Good Rangoli Designs By Using These Tips And Tricks This Diwali 2017

This Diwali make beautiful rangoli designs on your doorstep by using simple tips and tricks. In order to make a perfect circle, tie the chalk to the thread. Then by holding the free end of the thread with the index

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Diwali Sale From Xiaomi Offers Discount On Accessories And Smartphones

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker, has started off its sale for Diwali and it is providing discount on accessories and smartphones. Redmi Note 4 Originally having a price tag of Rs 10,999 and Rs 12,999, the smartphones will now be

Cool Lantern Ideas For Diwali

Diwali is a season of crackers, rangoli, and tasty food items. One particular thing that we often see in Diwali is the lantern. Nowadays, there are many kinds of lantern available in the market. You can make them too. Here

India To Witness Deployment Of 5G By The End Of 2020: Sanjay Kaul

Recently, we had an interview with MD at Cisco Systems for India & SAARC, Sanjay Kaul. We had a discussion on the deployment of 5G tech in India, which as per Kaul will be done by the end of 2020.

Apple Declares Cost Cuts For IPhones in India

Apple has rolled out the newest generation of iPhones, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone X. And analogous to the custom followed in the U.S. since last couple of years, the Cupertino major has cut the costs of earlier-generation

Tata Presents Electric Variant of Tiago, Which on Full Charge Goes On 100 Kilometers

Tata Motors gave signs of electric variant of Tiago in July. Now, the company with its convincing technology has introduced the Tata concept model of Tata Tiago in the Law Carbon Vehicle (LCV) 2017 event organized in the UK. This

Ticket Booking Made Easy As Spicejet, Cleartrip Ties up with Google Flights

SpiceJet and Cleartrip declared an association with Google Flights to make it easier for customers to view fares and schedules of flight within the search page of Google Flight itself. This incorporation will assist in reducing the time required to

Regulating OTT apps might become a non-issue: TRAI

The telecom supervisory body thinks that the controversial issue of regulating OTT (over-the-top) apps may become a non-issue, considering that apps such as Viber and WhatsApp, which permit users to conduct calls over the Internet, have attributed considerably to the

Affirmative Market Conditions to Help Diversification of Chinese Probiotics Market

Probiotics are referred to be the friendly & good bacteria that assist in preventing specific digestive issues, enhance immunity, and avert from any severe infection. Apart from this, they are also taken as dietary supplements so as to avert constipation,

Ahead of Festive Season, Indian Two-Wheeler Market to Witness Appreciable Growth

Indian is the nation where the holy occasions and festive seasons decide what numbers will be put on the boards of the market players. The market is majorly driven and dependent on the festive seasons for each and every product