Ban On Whatsapp & Skype Voice Calls to Be Lifted By Saudi Arabia

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It is good news, as the ban on WhatsApp, Skype, and other applications will be lifted by Saudi Arabia owing to the recent series of amends made by the new crown princess of the Kingdom to make it more captivating for business. Previously, the conservative kingdom had barred Internet phone calls, called as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), confining the facility of Saudis and emigrant inhabitants to be in touch with the outside world.

The ban was justified by the government in 2013 as a means of attempting to “guard people from any off-putting aspects that can damage the public interest.” However, with the passing time, Internet calls have become predominant in the international commerce and thereby, the Saudi government decided to lift the ban as an approach of invigorating the economy.

Ban On Whatsapp & Skype Voice Calls to Be Lifted By Saudi Arabia

The information ministry in a statement mentioned, “For the Saudi economy, the digital revolution is one of the main kick-starters as it will incentivize the development of Internet-based industries, particularly in the entertainment & media industries. Approval to VoIP will decrease the operational expenditures and stimulate digital entrepreneurship—this is the reason why it is such a significant step in the Internet regulation of the Kingdom.”

The resolution was made in spite of the downbeat influence it will probably have on the 3 key telecoms companies of Saudi, which made noteworthy profits from the international calls made by the 12 Million foreign persons dwelling in Saudi Arabia.

Founder of the management consultancy—Cornerstone Global Associates—Ghanem Nuseibeh, said, “Any phone company would instead have individuals use their telephone lines, however, this is a significant message from the Government of Saudi that they have to get in motion with the flow of 21st century and are not left lagging behind.”

With its young populace, Saudi Arabia has one of the utmost per capita rates of using social media. Mohammed bin Salman, the new crown prince Saudi Arabia, has launched a determined national approach to broaden the horizons of the economy of the country and wean off its reliance on oil. The approach—called as Vision 2030—wishes to breathe life into novel economic sectors such as entertainment, tourism, and telecoms.

Tushar Imade