Apple Is Losing Out Race To Amazon And Google

Business Nov 10, 2017 No Comments

Fundamentally a hardware-aimed company, Apple is lagging behind in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) race with Amazon and Google leading ahead while accepting the collaborative and open-source approach in the up-and-coming field of AI, claimed the local media. As per professor of technology for McCormick Foundation at Northwestern University at the Kellogg School of Management, Mohanbir Sawhney, sheets of glass are just no longer the utmost fertile ground for modernization.

“That indicates Apple immediately requires shifting its investment and focus to AI-based techs, as part of wider attempts to create make the type of ecosystem Google and Amazon are making quickly,” Sawhney claimed to the media in an interview. As per him, Apple has crossed its peak with tremendously finest iPhone X and does not symbolize the start of the upcoming 10 Years of the handset. Apple rolled out the iPhone X all over the world last week.

Companies chase innovation down a vector of separation until the vector goes out of steam. “When that takes place, the aim of modernization moves to a separate vector and new leaders of the market come out. We have witnessed this pattern various times in mobile handset modernization over the last 3 Decades,” Sawhney claimed to the media. The vector of separation is now moving to AI and AI-supported agents and software from hardware. “As virtual agents such as Amazon Echo and AI-boosted handsets such as Google’s Pixel 2 multiply, today’s handsets will likely move away into the backdrop,” he claimed to the media.

Google Pixel handsets offer deeper hardware-software integration and great photo-enhancement features boosted by AI-supported tech. The 2nd edition of Pixel sports 4 GB RAM, 5-inch display, 8 MP front camera, 12 MP rear camera, and 2,700mAH battery. Google will transport 6-inch display Pixel 2 XL into the market of India from this month onwards. The Amazon Echo allows natural chats via the virtual agent Alexa.

“Apple has only to see at Nokia, Motorola, and Blackberry to appreciate how swiftly a leader can drop from the peak in this sector, and do its best to turn away this result,” Sawhney further claimed.

Ankit Kadam