Alia Bhatt Buys Stake In Fashion-Tech Startup StyleCracker

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Bollywood’s most beautiful actress Alia Bhatt has chosen a very small marginal venture in fashion-tech Startup Company called as StyleCracker for a private sum, becoming the hottest and most recent superstar to turn into an investor. It is a 4-year-old company, which offers regulars personalized fashion boxes curates by superstar stylists.

The 23-year old Bollywood actress, along with a conglomerate of investors, has invested good amount of money in the company as an element of pre-Series A funding. “This has come actually from my heart and not from my mind,” Alia Bhatt said to ET. “I am not vigorously looking for money and investments, but Ms. Archana has been my personal stylist for several years and the day I came to be familiar about StyleCracker, it seemed like a very reasonable move.

Post this attempt, company founders called as Dhimaan Shah, an ex-investment banker, and Archana Walavalkar, ex-fashion editor with Vogue; they will together own 66% stake at the StyleCracker. Alia Bhatt and a group of other investors, which include a few more investment bankers, an ex-private evenhandedness company business head, and a fund executive, will hold the outstanding venture. Shah, who is StyleCracker’s MD, stated that the company is a primary of its kind technology fashion start-up.

“We are like fashion advisors for our clients. We are by now experiencing 60–70% reiterates business, and this money-raising will help us to expand more,” he added. At present, the company serves only to women clients. “But will soon also start with similar products for guy clients as well. Every person requires a personal stylist,” Shah stated. Walavalkar, who is the creative director, stated, “StyleCracker is a platform that completely understands and knows about their clients, creates their exceptional outline, and then curates clothing that suits any frame of mind or time”.

StyleCracker started with customized fashionable boxes around four months back. It cost around Rs 3,000, Rs 5,000 and Rs 7000; these boxes include an apparel, cosmetics, accessories, and even footwear. The company shipped for more than 60,000 boxes across 40 cities in the last 4–5 months, added Shah.

Rutuja Bhegade